In late 2015, the Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA), a project of the American Bar Association (ABA), opened its doors in response to the thousands of children from Central America who surged across our Southern border fleeing prolific violence and abuse in their home countries and seeking humanitarian protections offered under U.S. law. Texas non-profits and law firms stepped up to hire new attorneys and represent more children pro bono in humanitarian applications such as asylum, special immigrant juvenile visas, U and T visas. CILA stepped in with a vision to empower those advocates with the tools needed to guide children through complex legal territory. Led by Dalia Castillo-Granados and Yasmin Yavar, two seasoned children’s immigration attorneys in Texas whose careers have tracked the “new” era of children’s representation after the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and the TVPRA of 2008, CILA quickly hired a small expert team who toured the state to learn more about the needs of Texas children and how CILA could best share its expertise. Through our work providing technical assistance, training new and seasoned attorneys, and coordinating attorney working groups, we have learned that Texas UC advocates are true champions in the field, blazing new trails to define what it means to advocate for unaccompanied children (UC).