"CILA has quickly become an indispensable resource for RAICES and other Texas legal providers that serve unaccompanied child migrants. The legal landscape with respect to this population is constantly in flux; new challenges and opportunities demand fast and nimble responses. At the same time, many senior attorneys and managers are taking on policy advocacy, high-impact litigation, and time-consuming budgets for large-scale services. Staff attorneys handle heavy caseloads between "rocket dockets" and pilot projects for mandatory representation. Having an outside resource focus exclusively on training and technical case assistance is more valuable than ever. The best part is that CILA is comprised of experts with decades of combined experience and a constant pulse on both local and national developments. They are apprised of hundreds of case scenarios, yet remain unburdened by the attendant caseloads. I hope that this model will be replicated throughout the country. It would be an enormous assist to the development of highly-competent and sustainable legal services for tens of thousands of children who reside in under-represented areas.”

--quote by Ashley Walker, formerly a staff attorney with RAICES Austin

“Thank you for hosting this!  Was the most informative and well-organized CLE I have attended!”

--attendee at January 27, 2017 CLE

“I can’t believe this CLE was free.  The information was invaluable.  Every immigration attorney should attend.”

--attendee at September 16, 2016 CLE

“Very informative and useful information.  I found every segment to be very detailed and full of practice advisories and tips.”

--attendee at July 15, 2016 CLE

“Finally, a program that deals with our burnout.  Very helpful.”

--attendee at April 1, 2016 CLE