CILA has prepared the chart “Helpful Resources in Representing UC,” to facilitate research, especially for those new to the world of children’s immigration law.  The chart contains links to a variety of resources but is by no means exhaustive.  As you discover new and helpful resources you’d like to see added, do let us know.

Download the resource list here. 

CILA has prepared the following double-sided chart designed for quick reference in state court by attorneys, judges, or other stakeholders.  If you would like a laminated copy, please email

CILA Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS): Overview

CILA attorneys, Dalia Castillo-Granados and Yasmin Yavar, wrote the following law review article: A New Legal Framework for Children Seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, available at:

CILA has prepared a chart identifying publications for citation by publication in Central America, to facilitate service in this manner when necessary. The chart contains contact information, pricing, and general circulation areas for publications in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The chart is by no means exclusive and if you use or are aware of other publications that you’d recommend, please let us know.

Download the publications list here.

CILA has created the resource, “Quick Reference Guide – SIJ Status and EB-4 Immigrant Visa Availability,” to address the issue of the EB-4 visa backlog for certain countries and how it affects children with Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.

Download the resource here.