CILA hosts Texas-wide working groups on SIJ status and children’s asylum law. Conference calls for each of these groups are held on a quarterly basis, and CILA hosts a listserv for these groups where members can send inquires and responses to the entire listserv.

In addition, CILA hosts a Houston-wide working group on SIJ status. Quarterly meetings are held in person at the offices of local members, and the working group has a very active listserv managed by CILA.

Staff attorneys at legal service providers, pro bono attorneys, and private attorneys are all are encouraged to participate in one or more of the working groups. CILA also uses the listservs as a place to provide details for working group meetings, relevant substantive updates, as well as advertise our trainings and other opportunities. Please note that neither listserv is open to employees of the federal government. We ask that members do not share information from the listservs to anyone outside of the listserv including media or government officials without permission from the sender. If you begin a job as an employee of the federal government, please inform CILA and ask that we remove you from the listserv.

Please use this form to request permission to be added to one or more of CILA’s working group listservs: